Pangako Ikaw Lang (Tagalog Movie No-Sub)

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Vince (Aga Muhlach) is a womanizer while Cristina (Regine Velasquez), on the other hand, is a doting daughter. Vince gets into a serious car accident that sends him to the hospital where Cristina happens to be visiting her father who has lung cancer. Cristina goes into Vince's room and professes her love to this stranger when she unknowingly unplugs Vince's heart rate monitor. She runs away frightened until she randomly sees him again at a shopping mall. There they connect with each other and sparks fly. After a few more chance meetings, Cristina and Vince fall head over heels for each other - with one problem: Vince's girlfriend Crystelle. Eventually, Vince realizes that Cristina is the girl that he wants to be with and to be cliché, live happily ever after.

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