Ang Dalubhasa FPJ Pinoy Tagalog Full Movie (No English-Sub)

Directed by Fernando Poe Jr.. With Fernando Poe Jr., Nanette Medved, Maritoni Fernandez.
Dr. Jimmy de Guzman (FPJ) a military survives an ambush in 1989 killing his wife and child. He eliminates all the killers except one. In Cebu City, 1997 de Guzman is a high regarded surgeon. A tragedy occurs in his career. He operates on his girlfriends’s nieceand the patient dies, suddenly and unexpectedly his reputation was ruined. Dr. de Guzman moves out of Cebu and goes to a sum community in Manila. He drowns his misery in alcohol. A pretty nurse who is active in the community helps him. His duty as a doctor compels him to help in emergency cases. The nurse finds out about a foul play in the patient who died in Dr. de Guzman’s hands, a rival doctor confesses to the crime.

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